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James Purdey & Sons, or simply Purdey, is a British gunmaker based in London, specialising in high-end bespoke sporting shotguns and rifles. Purdey holds three Royal Warrants of appointment as gun and rifle makers to the British and other European royal families.


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Oleksandr Maksymov says

"The cap was delivered being damaged. The original production by Patagonia is delivered in boxes, but this parcel was just in the packet and it was likely to be damaged while being delivered. I am very disappointed with this purchase."

Angel Villalon says

"Havent recieved my order yet!"

Paul odonnell says

"Very bad, the worst night sleep in a hotel ever! Kept awake nearly all night.. shambles! Stay well clear..."

max says

"After receiving an incorrectly sized pair of boots I had to battle to get them returned at their expense instead of mine. Shoddy customer service."

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